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November 4, 2016

IMG_0886IMG_0892IMG_0888 IMG_0889IMG_0927 IMG_0930

IMG_0924IMG_0891final flyerThe BIG GREEN SCARY HOUSE in Needles has long been a curiosity and wonderment to people who pass by.  Is it haunted?  Are there ghosts? Is there really a child’s voice talking to you in one of the rooms? YES!  YES! AND YES!!  So said the Paranormal Investigation Team who inhabited the creepy place for 2 days.  Their outcome?  Yes, generic cialis the Big Green Scary House is HAUNTED!! So, every year, the Paget Family, who bought the house just for the purpose of opening its door every Halloween, becomes the freakiest location on the river.  Here are some screaming good photos from 2017………..



.Don’t miss 2018!!!


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