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Administration Contact: Hansel Boyd
Work 800 W. Broadway Suite D Needles CA 92363 Work Phone: 760-903-4034


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Technology has always intrigue Hansel the founder of Tech Needles. In 2004 Hansel was laid off his job at an energy drink company because of slow sales. With his last pay check, he decided to purchase a refurbished computer in order to search for work online. The desktop computer failed to operate after one week. He could not afford to get it repaired. He decided to open the computer to see if he could pinpoint the problem. It was obvious that the power supply was fried because he smelled smoke from there. He removed the power supply but did not have a spare one lying around. Searching the yellow pages he could not find a computer shop anywhere locally. He did However, find a nearby computer class for seniors. He called them and ask if they could refer him to a technician. They told him to bring the computer to the class after lessons had ended. The teacher had a tech come by and fix the computer for $50. Hansel did not have the money. Instead, the teacher asked him to help him relocate his office in return for the computer service. Hansel agreed. The computer is up and running and Hansel has a local gig. The next day Hansel was hired again to do more moving for the teacher. The teacher However, decided to pay Hansel in computer equipment and accessories. Hansel would sell the computers on the weekend for profit making several hundred dollars in one day. The customers would also bring him non working computers for repair assuming he did that service too. The teacher had many book about computers and ask Hansel to discard the computer books into the trash. Hansel asked if he could keep them instead. They agreed. Hansel went home and read every book from Apple, Microsoft and Linux as well as books on HTML. He read day and night until he completed them. It took Hansel 30 days to accomplish this. Those computers whom the customers would drop off for repairs were now being fixed with relative ease. He also learned a great deal by hands on experience and trial and error. Hansel was in business and did not realize it yet. When it dawned on him that he could make a living he promptly purchased a advertising sign that said ‘Computer Repair’ with his cellphone number on it. His phone started ringing and Hansel became a local businessman known for his generosity, kindness and skills. In June 2018, Hansel found Needles California on the internet. He loved the town and made it home. Now he has opened a computer shop in Needles and simply calls it ‘Tech Needles’.

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800 W. Broadway Suite D Needles CA 92363